Hilltop USA Inc.

Steven Schneider is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has years of expertise in marketing, sales, and branding . He has founded several profitable companies including co-founding Bear USA and Urban Marketing and Sales which specializes in marketing, sales and brand building.  He founded Hilltop USA Inc. which specializes in creating and implementing marketing and branding strategies for specialized commercial sectors.​  In 2007 he bought the CB sports brand, repositioned the brand, and then sold it in 2009.
     Steven and his team have also been very successful in increasing sales for brands like Phat Farm, Sean John, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, and Calvin Klein by providing merchandising, marketing, licensing and selling expertise.  In the past few years, Steven and his company have expanded to other sectors by creating partnerships with other companies.  Currently, Hilltop USA Inc. is working with Town Sports Inc. to provide flash sports deals to New York Sports Club members.  He also just finished a licensing deal for Maidenform in Korea in an effort to build their brand internationally.
     Recently, Steven and his company have teamed up with Earl Monroe creating The Sports Candy Store, which is licensed by the NBA for all confectionery and candy products for teams and players.  The company is developing collections for all channels of distribution from grocery stores to department stores.
   Steven has been instrumental in creating the Sports Candy Store’s Fundraising Program which helps individuals raise money for charities and organizations of their choosing.